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Small Bolt On W Iron and Axle Box (New Design)

Small Bolt On W Iron and Axle Box (New Design)

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Bearing Size

Developed following a customer request, a 'small' sized W-Iron and axlebox.

Suitable for 5" gauge or light duty 7 1/4" gauge

Supplied as a simple bolt together kit:


  • 4mm laser cut steel W Iron
  • 4mm laser cut steel W Iron keep
  • CNC machined Acetal axlebox with sealed roller bearing 
  • 2 x Springs
  • All required nuts and bolts will be included
Overall dimensions are 90mm high by 87.5mm wide.  

We offer two bearing sizes:
  • 10mm - suits our 5" gauge axles
  • 12mm - suits our 7 1/4" standard gauge axles
and two spring types:
  • Standard - 9.76N/mm spring rate - most suitable for non-passenger carrying stock and small locomotives
  • Heavier Duty - 24.06N/mm spring rate - more suitable for driving wagons and passenger stock
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