Articulated set of 10¼” gauge flat wagons


A set of 10¼” flat wagons, set up to run as an articulated set of four.

Heavy duty welded steel frames with tanalised timber boarded floor. Steel side and end stanchions which are removable. The wagons have been stored outside for a few years, so the floor is weathered on top (but structurally sound), whilst a number of the stanchions have rusted into place and will require persuading out.

The bogies were originally used under a set of coaches built in the mid 1990s and are similar to the Ian Allan type, with steel wheelsets running in take up bearings. Two bogies are fitted with air brakes, the remaining three have had hand brakes fitted controlled via hand wheels on the side. Some of the air pipe and fittings which run the length of the wagons are present, some are missing.

Body sizes approximately 2.5m long by 0.7m wide each. There would be scope to rebuild these as a set of coaches if desired.

The buckeye type couplings shown in some photos will not be included, but we will include replacement slot type couplings for use with bar couplings.


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