10 1/4" Gauge Rio Grande Steam Outline Diesel Locomotive

10 1/4" Gauge Rio Grande Steam Outline Diesel Locomotive

A large 10 1/4" gauge steam outline diesel hydraulic locomotive, suitable for commercial use.

Originally built by Severn Lamb in 1993 as 7 1/4" gauge, it was rebuilt to 10 1/4" gauge at the Hastings Miniature Railway in 2017.

Kubota D722 diesel engine in the tender, with direct drive to a hydraulic pump then to hydraulic motors on each of the tender bogies. Open centre control valve which allows the loco to be easily pushed around when turned off. Air brake system fitted which operates disc brakes on the bogies plus train brakes through a rear connection. 

The front contains a Gast electric air compressor with tank plus the all important whistle. Two sets of the 'driving' wheels on the front are actually mounted on pony trucks, allowing it to negotiate tighter curves (we are told down to 35ft).

Approximate dimensions

15 feet long

26" wide at chassis level, 29" top of tender flare

42" high to chimney

It was in use this summer at Watford and we found it very capable of hauling full ten coach trains all day. Unfortunately we will not have the space long term to keep it, hence why it is for sale.


Sold October 2023

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