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Articulated pair of 10¼" gauge coaches

Articulated pair of 10¼" gauge coaches

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A pair of articulated Ian Allan type open coaches.

The wooden bodies have both been in use at Watford for the past 30-40 years having originated at Prestatyn. As with all Ian Allan coaches used at Watford they were subject to a heavy rebuild in the early 1990s and have been repaired at various points since. With a surfuit of newer Ian Allan coaches after several railway purchases over the last few years, we are having a rationalisation of the fleet and these two are now surplus to requirements. 


Through piped for air brakes and fitted with the Watford style oval buffers (fitted to replace the original round buffers to prevent buffer lock on curves).


Included with the bodies are three unbraked 10¼" gauge Ian Allan type bogies. 


Coach bodies are approx 9ft long by 2ft wide.

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