In the Works

Below are some of the projects currently underway in the workshop:

Orchard Flyer

This 10 1/4″ gauge bogie diesel locomotive came from the closed Orchard Farm Railway in Yorkshire and is being rebuilt for use at Watford.

As it arrived in the workshop it had quite a novel diesel hydraulic setup – a hydraulic motor drove onto a forward/reverse gearbox (locked in one direction), with prop shaft drive to the bogies.

We are rebuilding the loco with a more conventional setup of hydraulic motors mounted on the bogies, driving direct to the wheelsets. We are also replacing the wheelsets at the same time.

Green Gremlin

Originally a 7 1/4″ gauge 0-4-0 diesel hydraulic locomotive, this is being rebuilt for use at Watford as a 10 1/4″ gauge 0-6-0.


This 7 1/4″ Gauge Petrol Locomotive ran on the Fancott Miniature Railway for many years, but was sadly gutted in a fire which destroyed the railway’s shed in 2015. The chassis arrived with us at the end of 2018 and we have been working to rebuild Pippa to ‘as new’ condition.