CNC Machined Wheels

We are able to supply the following CNC machined wheels ‘off the shelf’:

All wheels are CNC machined from EN8 steel unless otherwise specified and all prices include VAT at the current rate (20%)

10 1/4″ Gauge ‘Coarse’ Profile (to suit 9 1/2″ gauge Back to Back)

6″ diameter (on tread), 1″ bore: £36 each

7″ diameter (on tread), 1.25″ bore: £55 each

10″ diameter (on tread), 1.5″ bore: £95 each


16″ or 18″ long axle, 1.004″ wheel seat (to suit a press/shrink fit into our 6″ wheels), 7/8″ bearing journal diameter, 9.5″ back to back £22.50 each

Assembled Wheelsets

10 1/4″ Gauge assembled wheelset, 6″ diameter wheel, 16″ or 18″ long axle £95 each

Custom Wheels or Axles

We are happy to quote to machine wheels or axles to your specification. However please be aware that wheels will be subject to a minimum order of 20. Lead time for custom machined wheels & axles is generally 3-4 weeks.

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